New quarantine zones: what restrictions await Ukraine from March

New division into quarantine zones in Ukraine. Photo: UNIAN

New division into quarantine zones in Ukraine. Photo: UNIAN

The government will consider a draft decree on new quarantine restrictions. It is planned to introduce four zones of epidemiological restrictions.

The Cabinet of Ministers must approve the project no later than February 18. This was announced by the Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko.

The new draft decree on quarantine provides for zoning into four zones—"green", "yellow", "red", and "orange". The Ministry of Health wants to abolish zoning by district, instead, the color will be determined for the entire region.

What will be the new division into zones

  • Green level—assumes that there are practically no quarantine restrictions.
  • Yellow level—restrictions that are already in force on the territory of Ukraine.
  • The orange level—a signal to businesses, local authorities, and regulatory authorities that a red level can be introduced. It will be introduced if one of the five indicators exceeds the limit.
  • Red level—severe restrictions. It will be introduced when there is a threat of a healthcare system collapse. Schools, restaurants, and shopping centers will be closed.

Among the indicators are the following:

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  • occupation of beds with oxygen;
  • number of hospitalizations;
  • an increase in the number of hospitalizations with confirmed coronavirus;
  • the number of PCR tests and rapid antigen tests in the last seven days and the detection rate of positive cases among those tested.

Context. The Cabinet of Ministers will continue quarantine until at least May 2021. However, it will probably not be canceled even after this date.

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