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Third dose of Pfizer vaccine: Turkey starts to vaccinate, Israel is preparing, USA bides its time

The United States is not yet going to begin vaccination of citizens against the coronavirus with a third dose of Pfizer. At the same time, Turkey has already begun vaccinations with the third dose, and Israel is ready to offer an additional dose of the vaccine to citizens with weak immunity.

The Chief Infectious Diseases Specialist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, stated in an interview with CNN that there was no need to give Americans an additional vaccination against the coronavirus yet.

He also noted that American scientists continue to study this issue. In particular, recommendations made by official government bodies should be based on verified information. And the recommendations of the drug manufacturers do not coincide with the official recommendations of the government.

Third dose of Pfizer in Turkey

At the same time, Turkey has begun to do additional vaccinations for healthcare workers and people over the age of 50. This decision was made by the Turkish authorities against the background of the transition to a new phase of quarantine easing. Earlier, the country had canceled the curfew and quarantine restrictions.

Now 25% of the population in Turkey is fully vaccinated, about 35 million people received the first dose of the vaccine. The citizens of the country are vaccinated with Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines.

In early June, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received the third dose of the vaccine. He became the first world leader to receive an additional dose of vaccine.

Third vaccination in Israel

Israel has also announced that it would begin offering a third dose of Pfizer vaccine to immunocompromised adults. However, the government has yet to decide whether to make the third dose available to the general public.

Vaccination rates in Israel have risen amid the spread of the Delta strain. Due to the Delta strain, the number of patients in the country has grown from single figures to about 450 new cases daily.

The head of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, stated that scientists were still studying the issue of the need for a third dose. However, so far the third vaccination will be given to citizens with immunodeficiency.

Horowitz also stated the Department of Health would fill the gap in Pfizer's supply for continuous vaccinations for adults by using the Moderna vaccine.

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