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Ukrainian Railways has launched the Food Train, the first ever autonomous kitchen train

Ukrainian Railways has created the first ever autonomous kitchen train and named it the Food Train. It can produce more than 10,000 meals a day.

The company announced this on social media.

What the Food Train of Ukrainian Railways consists of

The train consists of six cars and an engine, including:

  • a generator car (~400 kW + own fueling station for autonomous work);
  • a refrigerator car with a freezer for storing food;
  • a cold kitchen car for food pre-processing;
  • a hot kitchen car for cooking meals;
  • a car for the crew with a shower and a washing machine;
  • a luggage car with a 27,000-liter water reservoir, a filtration station, and a pumping station.

The Food Train can work autonomously for five to seven days and is equipped to cook complete meals: soups, porridges, salads, meat, etc. Special thermal boxes installed in the center of the train help easily deliver lunch boxes with prepared meals from the kitchen train to the end customer.

Quote"Railway workers continue to save civilians and are among the first to come to rescue where it’s most needed. Together with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, we have launched another unique project that has no analogs. The Food Train has already been tested, and a joint team of Ukrainian Railways and the Foundation will soon be on permanent duty in Ukraine’s most challenging areas near the frontline, where heat and food are crucial for survival," said Yevhen Liaschenko, Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Railways.

Earlier, Ukrainian Railways, the UNITED24 platform, Gres Todorchuk, and concert.ua raised ₴6.15 million as part of the Train to Victory project. The money will be used to buy demining vehicles.

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