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Most Ukrainian refugees want to return home — the UNHCR survey

The majority of Ukrainian refugees, as well as internally displaced people, want to return home. Ukrinform reported this, citing a study conducted by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The study was based on a survey held in January and February this year, with some 9,900 Ukrainian refugee, internally displaced, and returnee households inside and outside the country being interviewed.

According to the UNHCR, the number of refugees planning or hoping to return to Ukraine has declined as compared to the previous year, from 77% to 65%. As for internally displaced people, 72% of them want to return home.

At the same time, the survey showed an increase in the number of those unsure about their return (from 18% to 24%), as well as those who don’t hope to return (from 5% to 11%).

Those displaced who were surveyed cited the security situation in Ukraine as the main factor inhibiting their return. Other important concerns included a lack of financial resources and housing.

Meanwhile, 55% of the refugees who returned to Ukraine from abroad said that they had found fewer job opportunities than expected.

About 59% of the refugees indicated that they might be compelled to return to Ukraine if they continue to face challenges in host countries. These challenges are mainly related to work opportunities and legal status.

In addition, about 50% of the refugees said that they were undertaking short-term visits to Ukraine, mainly to visit family members but also to check on property.

The UNHCR reported that around 40% of the population in Ukraine is in need of humanitarian and protection support due to the war. So far, nearly 6.5 million refugees from Ukraine have sought refuge globally, and some 3.7 have been forcibly displaced inside the country.

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