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Foreign Ministry: As many as 21 Ukrainians were killed in Israel

On October 31, the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine, Michael Brodsky, said that 25 Ukrainians were killed in his country. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirms the deaths of 21 Ukrainian nationals in Israel and four in the Gaza Strip.

This was reported by Ukrinform.

Quote"Among those killed, we know about 25 Ukrainian nationals who died as a result of a terrorist attack," Brodsky reported.

According to the ambassador, most of the killed had dual citizenship and lived in Israel. The majority of them will be buried in Israel.

Oleh Nikolenko, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, said for his part that the Ukrainian side confirmed the death of 21 Ukrainians in Israel.

Quote"The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirms the deaths of 21 Ukrainians in Israel. One person is considered missing. In the Gaza Strip, four people were killed, including three children, and six people were injured," the spokesperson said.

On October 7, 2023, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas carried out the biggest attack on Israel in recent years. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of war in Israel. The IDF called up an unprecedented number of 300,000 reservists and blockaded the Gaza Strip.

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