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Banks rating: The most profitable and unprofitable ones for January-July 2021

From January to July 2021, Ukrainian banks made almost 39.8 UAH billion of net profit. This figure is 40.1% higher than the result for the same period a year ago (28.4 billion UAH). This is stated in the data of the National Bank that published the rating of the most profitable and unprofitable banks.

Top profitable banks for January-July 2021:

  • The most profitable bank in 7 months was the state-owned Privatbank that made 16.4 billion UAH in net profit.
  • Oschadbank ranked second—3.3 billion UAH.
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval ranked third—2.8 billion UAH.
  • PUMB ranked fourth—2.3 billion UAH.
  • Universal Bank was the last in the top five—2 billion UAH.

They are followed by OTP Bank (1.6 billion UAH), Ukreximbank (1.4 billion UAH), Ukrgasbank (1.1 billion UAH), and Citibank (0.9 billion UAH).

Unprofitable banks for January-July 2021:

  • The most unprofitable bank over the past 7 months was the bank Zemelnyi Capital that ran at a deficit of 102.8 million UAH,
  • Pravex Bank—100.6 million UAH,
  • Prominvestbank—59.5 million UAH,
  • Unex Bank—2 million UAH,
  • BTA Bank—22.5 million UAH.

The list of unprofitable ones also included the Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (5.3 million UAH), Alʹpari Bank (4.7 million UAH), Trust Capital (2.3 million UAH), AP Bank (2 million UAH).

Context. In August, the National Bank published the top most profitable and unprofitable banks for the first half of 2021. The list of net profit was headed by the state-owned Privatbank, and the list of the unprofitable ones—by Pravex Bank.

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