Banks rating: the most profitable and loss-making in 2020

Banks rating in 2020. Photo: National Bank

Banks rating in 2020. Photo: National Bank

From January to November 2020, Ukrainian banks received almost 43.4 billion UAH in net profit. This is stated in the National Bank data that cited the rating of the most profitable and loss-making banks.

Top banks in 2020

  • The most profitable bank in 11 months was the state-owned Privatbank that earned 25 billion UAH in net profit;
  • in second place was Oschadbank that earned over 4.8 billion UAH;
  • on the third—Raiffeisen Bank Aval—3.74 billion UAH;
  • PUMB (FUIB)—2.5 billion UAH;
  • OTP Bank—almost 2 billion UAH.

It is also worth noting that 62 out of 73 banks operating in Ukraine received 48.16 billion UAH.

Loss-making banks in 2020

  • The most loss-making bank over the past 11 months was Ukreximbank that that showed the "minus" of almost 3.8 billion UAH;
  • Prominvestbank—"minus" 718 million UAH;
  • Pravex Bank—"minus" 170.7 million UAH;
  • BTA Bank—85.4 million UAH;
  • Unex Bank—32.6 million UAH.

At the same time, 11 banks showed losses of 4.81 billion UAH.

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Context. Earlier, The Page reported that the commercial banks’ debt to the NBU exceeded 100 billion UAH, while the operating banks account only 66.5 billion UAH.

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