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Politico named Zelenskyi the European of 2023

Politico chose President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi as the 2023 most powerful person in Europe, the title he was granted last year.

Quote"The Continent is reassessing its strategic relationships, getting serious about defense, rethinking policies on trade, accession and energy security. Broadly speaking, it’s rethinking what it means to be European — and that’s largely because of Ukraine’s comedian-turned-president," Politico argues.
Quote"What Zelenskyy has done is convince the rest of Europe that its future is tied to Ukraine’s — a notion few believed before Russia’s invasion in February. His communication skills have been key. His rhetoric lays out in stark terms the malevolence of the Russian regime he is fighting against, dispelling much of Europe’s faith — particularly in Berlin and Paris — that Moscow can be a partner," the article proceeds.

Politico later clarified that the ranking had been issued in 2022, with the new one due to be published on November 28.

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