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The Ramstein meeting: 20 countries led by Lithuania established the Demining Coalition for Ukraine

In Brussels, 20 countries of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group led by Lithuania signed a Protocol of Intent on the creation of the Demining Coalition for Ukraine.

The Lithuanian Defense Ministry made the announcement.

Lithuania will be at the helm alongside Iceland.

According to Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas, the substantial number of Coalition members is a testament to the relevance of the instrument.

Quote"We have taken the necessary first step towards the important work in front of us. If the training aspect of demining is currently satisfactory, the need for equipment is critical. Lithuania will hand over armored personnel carriers through the Coalition framework to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and contribute 1.2 million euros for demining to the ANTO assistance to Ukraine program," said Anušauskas.

Protocols of Intent for other assistance coalitions for Ukraine were also signed in Brussels: Lithuania has become a member of coalitions for Artillery and Drone Capability.

Quote"Our first contribution to the Artillery Coalition will be 155 mm ammunition, while our drones and drone jamming equipment will be supplied to the Drone Coalition. Besides all that, we will shortly hand over another package of cold weather gear to Ukraine," Anušauskas added.

He urged the Allies during the NATO-Ukraine Council on Wednesday to extend aid to Ukraine for integrating into NATO structures and to update its military capabilities.

Quote"We are able to, and we have to, retain the political and practical NATO support for Ukraine and thus contribute to Ukraine’s victory in this war; likewise, we need to agree further steps towards Ukraine’s NATO membership. Moreover, we have to learn the lessons of the war in Ukraine as soon as possible and continue strengthening our armed forces and the Alliance," the minister said.
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