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Zelensky's approval rating grows: almost 40% of Ukrainians trust him—poll

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s approval rating has grown—38% of Ukrainians trust the Head of State, 59%—do not. This is shown in the results of a poll held by the sociological group Rating.

Zelenskyy continues to lead the approval rating of the politicians. Yulia Tymoshenko ranks second: 27% of respondents trust her, 71%—do not trust her. 25% trust Petro Poroshenko, 73% do not trust him. 24% trust Yuriy Boyko, 59% do not trust him, 12% do not know him at all.

Poroshenko tops the disapproval rating—44% of respondents would not vote for him under any circumstances. 35% would not vote for Boyko, 34%—for Tymoshenko, 32%—for Zelenskyy, 26%—for Arseniy Yatsenyuk, 22%—for Oleh Liashko, 21%—for Vitali Klitschko. Every sixth to seventh respondent under no circumstances would vote for Yevhen Muraiev and Volodymyr Groysman.

If the presidential elections were held shortly, then 23.1% would vote for Zelenskyy (among those who intend to vote and have made their choice). 13.3% would support Poroshenko, 10.7%—Tymoshenko, 9.2%—Boyko, 8.3%—Dmyrto Razumkov, 7.0%—Muraiev, 6.9%—Ihor Smeshko, 6.1%—Groysman, 3.3%—Liashko. The approval ratings of other candidates are less than 3%.

If a second round of presidential elections were held, Zelenskyy would have defeated all possible opponents. For instance, in a pair Zelenskyy—Poroshenko, the result is 59% against 41% (among those who intend to vote and have made their choice). In a pair Zelenskyy—Tymoshenko—59% versus 41%, in a pair Zelenskyy—Boyko—62% versus 38%.

The Servant of the People tops the approval rating of the parties. 18.0% of those who will vote and have made their choice are ready to support it. 13.9% support European Solidarity, 10.7%—Opposition Platform—For Life, 10.1%—Batkivshchyna. 7.9% support Reasonable Politics, the newly established association of Razumkov. The rating of other political forces is less than 2%.

Almost a quarter of the respondents (23%) rate the country's course as correct, 69%—as wrong, 8% found it difficult to answer. Over the past two months, the number of those who consider the course of the country's development to be wrong have increased (there were 58% at the beginning of September). There are relatively more of those who rate the course of the country's development as correct among the youth and voters of the party Servant of the People.

Context. Recently, Zelenskyy topped the disapproval rating of Ukrainian politicians for the first time.

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