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This year has to be decisive: Zelenskyi delivered a speech in Davos

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said that this year should be decisive.

He called on the world to support Ukraine, both economically and militarily, stressing that this was the only effective way to end the war and establish peace.

The president also said that it is in 2024 that Ukraine should expect Russian funds frozen in the West.

Zelensky emphasized that every reduction in pressure on the aggressor added years to the war, but every investment in the confidence of the defenders of Ukraine shortened the war.

Quote"This year must be decisive. Can freezing the war in Ukraine be its end? I don't want to settle for the truism that any frozen conflict will eventually reignite. And I remind you that after 2014 there were attempts to freeze the war in Donbas. There were very influential guarantors of those processes — the then-chancellor of Germany and then-presidents of France. But Putin is a predator who is not satisfied with frozen products," said Zelenskyi.

He emphasized that Ukraine has to defend itself, its children, its houses, and its lives. Ukraine has already proved its ability to win on the ground, in the sky, and in the sea.

Quote"We ramp up the production of weapons. We achieved economic growth in Ukraine, and our GDP is moving up despite the war by more than +5% last year. We got the decision on EU accession negotiations, and we are normalizing the idea that aggressions can be defeated. Even Putin's aggressions, which have been ongoing for 10 years and more. And now we can say "don't escalate" to all who doubt. To all who want to reduce support," said Zelenskyi.

He added that every reduction in pressure on the aggressor added years to the war, but every investment in the confidence of the defender shortened the war.

Quote"We must make it possible to answer the most important question: Will the war end with a just and stable peace? And I want you to be part of this piece, starting right now, to bring peace closer. And we need you in Ukraine to build, to reconstruct, and to restore our lives. Each of you can be even more successful with Ukraine," said the president to Ukraine’s international partners.

He also noted that "Putin is trying to normalize what should have ended in the 20th century: mass deportations, cities and villages erased to the ground, and the terrifying feeling that the war may never end."

Quote"In fact, Putin embodies war. We all know that he is the sole reason why various wars and conflicts persist and why all attempts to restore peace have failed. And he will not change. He will not change. We must change. We all must change to the extent that the madness that resides in this man's head or any other aggressor’s head will not prevail," the president argued.

Zelensjyi added that Putin was frank about what he wanted, what he did, and who his targets were.

Quote"His answer to the duration of the war is "always war, without an end." And he wants it this way. His answer to the limits of chaos in the world is the boundless support of terrorist forces. He enjoys conflicts that cause suffering to others," Ukraine’s leader added.

The Page earlier announced that Volodymyr Zelenskyi would personally address the participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 16, 2024.

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