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The Cabinet of Ministers extends the validity of vaccination certificates

Vaccination certificate: How long is it valid. Photo: Diia

Vaccination certificate: How long is it valid. Photo: Diia

The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the validity of the "green" certificates from 180 to 365 days. However, a negative test result for coronavirus will be valid for only 72 hours, according to the Cabinet of Ministers’ decree No. 954.

Ukrainians can get two types of certificates—"green" and "yellow", depending on the number of vaccines. However, the "yellow" certificates will only be valid for 120 days from the date of vaccination with one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The "green" certificates can be obtained only 14 days after the full vaccination against coronavirus. All certificates can be generated in the Diia application or on the website.

Context. On July 2, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on imposing COVID certificates in Ukraine. They confirm the status of a vaccinated citizen, a negative PCR test, and the status of a person who recovered from COVID-19. The electronic document is drafted based on the international requirements of the EU Digital COVID Certificate of the European Commission.

The European Union has already recognized Ukrainian international vaccination certificates.

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