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How to get a vaccination certificate for travelling to the EU—three options from the Ministry of Health


In Ukraine, there are three ways to get a vaccination certificate. With such documents, it will be possible to travel to countries that recognize them.

In July, vaccination passports will probably not work in all European countries. Deputy Minister of Health Yaroslav Kucher gave a comment to The Page about this.

A digital vaccination certificate in Ukraine can be obtained via three scenarios:

  • to complete a full course of vaccination against coronavirus (usually consists of two vaccinations);
  • to be vaccinated with one dose, and then do the test;
  • to have been exposed to the coronavirus in the past and confirm the presence of antibodies.

Even if the country does not yet have working vaccination passports, but it recognizes Ukrainian certificates, then you can easily do a coronavirus test and go travelling. You can also go without a certificate, just with a coronavirus test, if the regulations of the country allow it.

The European Union has not yet finally decided on the regulations.

In Ukraine, everything is ready for the issuance of electronic vaccination certificates. They can be obtained without any problems in the application Diia.

Due to the eHealth system, all medical manipulations will be added to the application. So, the system will get data on the previous coronavirus and the presence of antibodies, the completion of vaccination, and the results of the coronavirus test. Based on this data, a certificate can be obtained.


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