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What to present for New Year. 10 ideas from Ukrainian brands


A long holiday weekend is a great time to buy gifts for the New Year. The Page supports Ukrainian business and chooses interesting things. Our list includes beautiful gifts for any budget.



Gunia Project designers seek inspiration during ethnographic expeditions. The brand uses folk crafts and traditions. In the collection dedicated to Christmas, there are plates, bowls, vases, sugar bowls, a teapot and a makitra (the same pot Volodymyr Zelensky presented to Pope Francis).

Price: from 950 to 4600 UAH.


You will find cities in the names of Poetry Home candles. It is immediately clear what the perfumers were inspired by. Here are compositions Born in Kyiv, The Mystery of Rome, L'Etreinte de Paris, Loft in Manhattan, Invisible in Abu Dhabi, Le Chalet a Bali, Silence in Florence—each fragrance reminds of travel. And there are candles with the New Year's name Home Alone: Black with patchouli, guaiac wood, elemi, incense, cypress and White with iris, violet, orange blossom, bergamot, tuberose, musk, tonka beans.

Price: 899 UAH


Cosmetic brand Marie Fresh Cosmetics has prepared for the holidays a gift set called Christmas Lights. Inside there is a home spa treatment for the hands. The set includes a nourishing hand cream and a scented massage candle with coconut oil. First you need to light a candle to melt the oil, then apply the cream, and finally, a couple of the melted candle drops.

Price: 490 UAH.


Oliz first restored collectible vintage shawls and now they do their own original pieces under their own brand. Their portfolio includes silk shawls with Petrikov patterns, poems by Lina Kostenko, paintings by Maria Prymachenko and Kateryna Bilokur.

Price: from 1800 to 4900 UAH.


Even Justin Trudeau has socks of the Ukrainian brand Dodo Socks. Dodo has funny prints and sets of warm terry socks Hygge in winter.

Price: 200 UAH

Down jacket

The MoonGoose brand has a wide choice of cozy blanket down jackets, and you can literally wrap yourself up in them and stay warm during severe frosts. Inside there is a goose-down filler, and thanks to that the outerwear weighs like a feather.

Price: from 12200 to 19200 UAH


Lizhnyk is a Ukrainian plaid. They can be used like a bedspread or a carpet on the floor. And liznyks Gushka can also be used as a kind of foot massager—it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot.

Price: from 4050 to 6300 UAH.

Christmas tableware

Pokutska Keramika makes tableware sets for the Holy evening. They include six bowls, two large plates, makitra for kutia, a jug for uzvar, a bottle, a salt shaker and a candlestick. Everything is made by hand from clay as in the old days.

Price: 1500 UAH.

New Year's sweeties

You can present traditional sweeties: ginger cookies, carrots with cinnamon, French "Christmas log", German stollen, English Christmas pudding, Italian panettone dessert. Or a trendy American cheesecake. Cheesecake Kyiv cooks them for every taste: with lemon zest, salted caramel, chocolate, fruit. And decorates with snowflakes, cinnamon, "gingerbread men".

Price: from 950 to 990 UAH.

Black caviar

New Year's delicacy—black caviar—is also produced in Ukraine, near Kyiv. Bester grows fish and produces caviar using the traditional method of slaughter. The products have international certificates and are exported to the USA, France, Israel, Australia.

Price: from 800 to 1000 UAH.