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Vaccination passports: the Ministry of Health has compared how they will work in Ukraine and the EU


The EU may begin to recognize Ukrainian vaccination passports as early as summer 2021. At the same time, such vaccination certificates will be useful in Ukraine as well—due to them, in the event of strict quarantine, Ukrainians will be able to work and visit establishments.

Deputy Minister of Health Yaroslav Kucher gave a comment to The Page about this.

At the same time, despite the fact that the EU is launching a common passport in July, each country can decide for itself whom to admit to its territory. In addition, some EU countries have launched such certificates locally and called them "Green Certificates".

However, the launch of such documents is primarily the EU protection for its own citizens. Such certificates will help countries to gradually open their borders, revitalize tourism and local business. At the same time, Ukraine is trying to adjust to the EU rules and make an analogue for itself.

Now an electronic health care system operates in Ukraine, where information about all medical manipulations performed with a citizen is entered. Also, Ukraine has already developed a digital certificate format that can be obtained via the application Diia. Such certificates will apply in the EU as well.

How vaccination passports will apply in Ukraine

The regulations are quite similar to those in the EU. For instance, if a person has had a coronavirus and has antibodies, then this data is entered into the eHealth system. This constitutes grounds for issuing a certificate within 180 days.

Also, a vaccination certificate can be obtained if a person has made a coronavirus test. If its result has appeared in eHealth, then a person can upload the certificate to Diia.

The third option to get a certificate is to complete the coronavirus vaccination.

Such certificates can be used during the next lockdown. The business, whose employees are vaccinated, will be able to work. In addition, vaccinated citizens will be able to visit cinemas, restaurants, etc.

Such a certificate can also be an international certificate of vaccination. The Ministry of Health expects that in the summer the EU will begin to recognize Ukrainian vaccination passports.

Quote"I think it will start in the summer. I see how it happens there. They also do not have a certain consistency among themselves," Kucher noted.

At the same time, the EU plans to combine systems with local certificates and a common system for the entire EU into one. In particular, for Ukraine, the question remains how to verify digital certificates from the EU.


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