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Ukraine has started joining the EU covid passport system

In Ukraine, the technical stage of linking documents with internal use on data on the covid status of a citizen to the EU COVID certificate recognition system has begun.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

"Now the last technical stage has begun—the joining of Ukraine to the EU product infrastructure of the COVID certificates, a common environment for all countries that launch their own COVID certificates and ensure their mutual recognition," the Ministry noted in a statement.

The department recalled that the Ukrainian COVID certificates in the Diia application have successfully passed the technical assessment by the European Union.

In addition, Ukraine is in the process of mutual recognition with Israel. As part of this process it provides consulting assistance to Israel's technical team to gain experience of integration with the EU.

"This is a parallel step with the main event—the political part of mutual recognition, namely, the adoption by the European Commission of the so-called equivalency decision, that is, the recognition of Ukrainian COVID certificates for use while traveling," the Ministry of Digital Transformation specified.

Context. On July 2, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on the introduction of COVID certificates in Ukraine. They will confirm a citizen's vaccination status, a negative PCR test result, and status if a person has recovered from COVID-19. The electronic document is drafted to meet international requirements—EU Digital COVID Certificate of the European Commission.

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