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The occupiers de-energized the Chernobyl NPP again after restoring power supply to Ukrenergo

Russian invaders again damaged the power transmission line (PTL) that feeds the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the city of Slavutych.

"The line feeding the Chernobyl NPP and the city of Slavutych was again damaged by the invaders after the repair team of Ukrenergo had repaired it," the NPC Ukrenergo reported.

The company recalled that after the repair had been completed on March 13 at 19:07, the power lines were energized and began to restore the power supply to the infrastructure of the Chernobyl NPPt, as well as the city of Slavutych. However, these works could not be completed because the invaders soon damaged the line again.

The Chernobyl NPP is an important facility that cannot remain without a reliable power supply. The Page has already informed about the consequences of the lack of power at this important facility and what consequences nuclear blackmail of the Russians could entail.

The admission of the company's repair teams to this power line for inspections and repairs will help to avoid another disaster at the Chernobyl NPP and save people's lives and health.

Recall that the Chernobyl NPP was captured by Russian invaders on the first day of the war on February 24th. The invasion was carried out from Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko provided the territory of Belarus for the aggressor. There has been no power supply at the Chernobyl NPP since March 9.

Since March 4, the Zaporizhzhia NPP has been under the control of the invaders.

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