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Selfies, ineffective technical support and termination of self-isolation: what is wrong with Diy Vdoma mobile app

Ukrainians are massively complaining about the Diy Vdoma app created by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. In particular, the app's rating dropped to one star in AppleStore and PlayMarket.

The users complain about numerous bugs and technical support. In addition, the application cannot be downloaded by foreigners who do not have a Ukrainian phone number. The Page has been figuring out what is wrong with the Diy Vdoma app.


How does the application Diy vdoma work?

The application was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in March 2020 in order to track the observance of self-isolation of people who return to Ukraine from abroad.

Those who cross the Ukrainian border must install the application and mark their location daily for 14 days. Subsequently, the application added the possibility of early termination of self-isolation if there is a negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus. This change cost almost 2 million UAH.

In particular, this application was to be used to identify contact persons. However, it is impossible to legally force citizens to install something on the phone.

Therefore, now it is necessary to log in to the application for those who come to Ukraine from abroad.


How to circumvent the application Diy vdoma

Actually, there are several ways to circumvent the self-isolation app, however some of them are illegal. At the same time, some of them are caused by bugs in the application.

The need to install the application can be avoided officially if the test for coronavirus is negative, but it must be done no later than 48 hours after the test. In particular, many travel companies help with the search for laboratories and provide vouchers for discounts on coronavirus tests.

Some people buy certificates with a negative test for coronavirus, but usually they are bought on the contrary to leave Ukraine. At the same time, many countries have begun to combat such fake certificates and accept only documents with a QR code linked to the electronic version of the certificate on the laboratory's website.


The main bugs in the work of Diy vdoma

In order to cross the border of Ukraine, foreigners and Ukrainians need to inform the border service of the code from the SMS message that is required for authorization. However, the message does not come in time, so you have to wait at the border until the SMS is received.

In addition, the application may incorrectly determine the subscriber’s location and automatically set the border as the self-isolation point. It is impossible to change the address on your own, you will have to register from a different phone number.

Another problem is that it is impossible to start self-isolation if a Ukrainian has already been self-isolated. That is, after another trip, it is impossible to restart the tracking. Therefore, the border guards can only let the citizen pass or are offered to contact technical support. The work of which is also massively complained about.

Selfies that need to be taken to confirm geolocation turned out to be another problem. If the phone's camera is not of high quality, and there is not enough light in the room, then taking a photo that will be confirmed by the application is almost impossible.

In addition, the application asks to take a picture several times a day, but if this is not done in time, the police may come to check if the user is at home.

Also, if you want to terminate self-isolation ahead of schedule and have done a coronavirus test in a laboratory that is not included in the list of the Ministry of Health, you will have to contact technical support. Data from such laboratories are not automatically fed into the system. Moreover, users have had cases when even contacting technical support did not help to prematurely stop self-isolation.

At the same time, the Ministry of Digital Transformation stated that the budget for 2021 does not provide for the app’s operation, but is supported within the framework of the Diia portal administration, so the bugs will most likely not be fixed.


What to do if Diy vdoma does not work

  • If the application does not work correctly, you can contact the state hotline 1545. You need to tell about the problems you encountered and leave a complaint about the application.
  • You can also contact the Ministry of Digital Transformation by calling (044) 207-17-48 or send an email to [email protected], where you need to briefly report the problem.
  • In particular, you can send a message to the page Diy vdoma on Facebook. The question about the application's operation can be described in the "Messages".
  • Also, if the application does not work correctly, then you can inform the police about it by calling 102, or, if you know any, by calling the police station nearest to the place of self-isolation.