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Ukraine has taken the lead in multicopter production — Mykhailo Fedorov

Ukraine has taken the lead in the production of drones of a certain category, particularly multicopters. Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, said this in an interview with RBC Ukraine.

According to the minister, it may be a matter of months for Ukraine to prevail in other drone categories since the necessary production facilities and plants have already been built.

At the same time, some areas require additional work, Fedorov said. As an example, he mentioned the Russian Lancet kamikaze drone.

Quote"We’ve been lagging in this category and have never had anything even remotely comparable with the Lancet," Fedorov admitted.

However, the minister says, there are nearly a dozen Ukrainian companies currently working to create an analog for the Lancet. Fedorov believes that Ukraine can catch up with Russia in a matter of months in this segment.

Drone manufacturing should be a private business

Fedorov argued that Ukraine would outmatch Russia in the number of drones produced by stimulating private entrepreneurship in this area.

Quote"No institution or vertical structure can ever produce more than an entrepreneur who knows how to upscale the production," the minister said.

The minister named the Brave1 cluster, which has already received more than 700 startup applications and over $1 million in grant funding, as an example of successful engagement of private businesses. This program is to be expanded by an order of magnitude next year, Fedorov added.

In September, it was reported that the Antonov aircraft manufacturing company had started making drones.

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