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The end of the war will be possible to predict after June 2023 — intelligence

The date of the end of Russia’s war against Ukraine will be possible to forecast at the end of next spring or in early summer. Deputy head of Defense Intelligence, Vadym Skibitskyi, talked in an interview with Delfi about how actions would develop in the next six months.

Quote"The spring and early summer of 2023 will become decisive in Russia’s war against Ukraine. If the massive assault that Russia is planning for that time fails, it will become a debacle for Russia and its president Putin," said Vadym Skibitskyi.

According to him, heavy, decisive battles await the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in February and March. The Russians will try to advance in the direction of the Kharkiv region and seize Kupiansk, Svatove, and Kreminna. The main battlefield will be in Donbas, as evidenced by the battles for Bakhmut and Soledar.

At the same time, a new Russian assault on Kyiv from Belarus is unlikely, as are active hostilities in the south of Ukraine, where the Russians are more concerned about defending the occupied Crimea.

Quote"When the spring and early summer are over, we will probably be able to start talking about the end of the war. So far, we cannot look that far, as we need to get over the first stage, which is spring and early summer. We see where this war leads: the Russian military leadership has changed, the first stage of mobilization has ended, and the Russian army is regrouping. Our assessment is simple: the primary activity of the Russian army will unfold at the Donetsk and Luhansk axes," the intelligence officer said.

As reported earlier, in December 2022, Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, said that Crimea would possibly be regained by Ukraine in summer 2023. At the same time, he rejected the solely diplomatic option of retaking the peninsula.

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