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Belarus and Russia are whipping up the border situation, but without provocations—Border Guard Service

Belarus and Russia are whipping up the border situation. However, Ukrainian border guards haven’t registered any provocations in the immediate vicinity of the state border. According to the UP, these were the words of Andrii Demchenko, speaker of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

He added that the Border Guard Service hasn’t observed any movement of equipment and aviation or any other provocations near the border. However, the Service is "ready to repel anything that Russia can do on this front."

Russia and Belarus constantly keep the Defense Forces of Ukraine on their toes near the border. Meanwhile, the defenders of Ukraine are fortifying their positions on this front and strengthening the border and border area.

Context. Belarus is providing comprehensive support to Russia in its war against Ukraine. In particular, Russian troops invaded Ukraine from Belarusian territory in February 2022.

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