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Ukrainian agrarians harvest all-time high of grain on record

Ukraine harvested 84.18 million tons of grain from the 2021 harvest from 98.6% of the acreage planted, and that is already an all-time high on record.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, the average yield is 5.36 tons per hectare, Refinitiv Agriculture reports.

The harvested amount includes approximately 32.44 million tons of wheat and 9.88 million tons of barley that have already been harvested, as well as 40.01 million tons of corn milled from 97.8% of the area.

Even before the harvest is completed, Ukraine has already gathered a record harvest in all the years of independence.

Last year, 65 million tons of cereals were threshed, including 30.3 million tons of corn, 24.9 million tons of wheat, and 7.8 million tons of barley.

As reported, a record harvest of grain was harvested as of mid-September: an all-time high of wheat—33 million tons and barley—10.2 million tons.

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