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Grain export: the first eight foreign vessels have already arrived at Ukrainian ports to load agricultural products

Grain export 2022 under conditions of sea blockade. Photo: Ukrainian Navy

Grain export 2022 under conditions of sea blockade. Photo: Ukrainian Navy

There are eight foreign vessels in Ukrainian ports now that will be used to export grain. Thanks to the Zmiinyi island having been regained from the invaders, it is now possible to use the channel of the Bystre mouth of the Danube-Black Sea waterway, the Ukrainian Navy reports.

Before the Russians were driven out of Zmiinyi, and considering the blockade of civil navigation, international companies used the Sulina channel. This, in turn, caused massive "jams" and overloading of the waterway.

Quote"Unfortunately, the majority of ports in our country remain closed, and some of them are occupied. The enemy tries to manipulate information about alleged "goodwill gestures" to unblock the maritime export of Ukrainian resources. At the same time, Russian forces continue to strike objects of critical infrastructure and civilian vessels in the Black Sea. For instance, the enemy has recently launched a missile attack on the Millennial Spirit chemical tanker sailing under the flag of Moldova, which eventually sank," the message says.

Context. In June, Ukraine exported more than 2 million tons of grains, pulses, oilseeds, and by-products, which is 470,000 tons more than in May.

Today, only three Ukrainian ports are functioning: Reni, Izmail, and Ust-Dunaisk. Seven other ports are blocked, and five are in the territories temporarily occupied by the Russians.

This year, according to Oleksandr Haidu, the head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Agricultural and Land Policy, the grain harvest in Ukraine is expected to be near 50 million tons. He pointed out that the issues of export, storage of crops, and financial capabilities of agricultural producers with respect to the next sowing campaign are extremely pressing.


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