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Bumper harvests. Ukraine has broken all-time highs for wheat and barley

Harvest season—2021: Two grain harvest records. Photo: Pixabay

Harvest season—2021: Two grain harvest records. Photo: Pixabay

As of mid-September, Ukrainian agrarians harvested a bumper grain crop. They have already gathered an all-time high of wheat—33 million tons and of barley—10.2 million tons. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the harvesting of crops continues.

Odesa region threshed most of the grain (almost 4.4 million tons), and Khmelnytskyi region turned out to be the most yielding—60.3 centners per hectare.

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) explained the unprecedented figures by the favorable weather conditions and an increase in crop acreage (for wheat—by 8%, up to 7.1 million hectares, for barley—by 4%, up to 2.5 million hectares).

Agrarians threshed 2.9 million tons of rapeseed. The figure exceeds last year's by 10%, but does not reach the all-time high set in 2019, it does not reach 14%. The UCAB added that, despite the reduction in crop acreage by 9%, the indicator of the rapeseed harvest was saved by its current high yield (by 21%).

Currently, the following crops are gathered in Ukraine:

  • corn (harvesting has started in 10 regions);
  • buckwheat (is harvested in 20 regions; Donetsk and Kharkiv regions have already finished harvesting. By mid-September, 62,600 tons were harvested);
  • millet (harvested in 18 regions; Donetsk, Lugansk, Sumy, Ternopil, and Kherson regions have finished harvesting);
  • sugar beets (harvesting started in Vinnytsia, Lviv, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, and Rivne regions and in Bukovyna. Agrarians have already picked 506,000 tons);
  • sunflower (harvesting has started in almost all regions);
  • soybeans (crops are already harvested in 16 regions).


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