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Record grain harvest is expected in Ukraine in its entire history

The corn grain harvest in the 2021/2022 marketing year (MY) will definitely break the record of 2019/20 MY and this will become a condition for unusually high grain exports from Ukraine in the future.

This was reported by Maryna Marynych, a grain market analyst of the analytical platform Ukragroconsult.

According to her, when the late grain harvesting campaign begins, market attention will shift to monitoring corn yields. According to the preliminary yield data only, it becomes clear that the grain harvest in 2021/2022 MY "will definitely break the record" of the 2019/2020 MY.

Given the problems with the harvest with the main exporters a record high grain export from Ukraine can also be expected.

The analyst suggested that the wheat harvest in Ukraine could also reach optimistic levels.

Context. According to the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, the gross wheat harvest is expected at the level of 30.7 million tons in the country in 2021, which is 23% higher than last year and will be a record in the entire history of Ukraine's independence.

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