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Ukraine will create a grain corridor going through Moldova to Romania, says Zelenskyi


President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced a new grain corridor to start operating in the coming days, which will be used to export grain through Moldova and into Romania. He made the announcement during a press conference with the Romanian president during his official visit to the country on October 10, 2023.

Quote"In the Ukraine-Romania-Moldova triangle, we are able to build a very strong foundation for the development of not only our countries and nations but also for all of Europe. …We have already achieved good results in logistical development in this triangle, and a grain corridor going through Moldova to Romania will soon be operating," said Zelenskyi.

The Ukrainian president underscored that the combined efforts of the two countries would prevent Russia from "turning any part of the Black Sea and the Danube region into a no-go zone for normal navigation."

He added that Ukraine, together with its partners, strives to "reinforce our air defenses, both in the country in general and in the Odesa region." Zelenskyi mentioned the threat of Russian terror with the use of Shahed kamikaze drones for cities and villages in the Odesa province near the Romanian border.

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