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As Russian missiles plunge Ukraine’s energy system, Ukrainians double their donations to the army — a study

Prytula Foundation, Come Back Alive, and United 24: donations surged following massive Russian attacks. Photo: the General Staff of the AFU

Prytula Foundation, Come Back Alive, and United 24: donations surged following massive Russian attacks. Photo: the General Staff of the AFU

Massive missile attacks terrorizing Ukraine’s energy system since October have resulted in Ukrainians donating to the army more frequently and generously. These data were published by Opendatabot.

In October 2022, the United24 platform, Serhiy Prytula’s charity foundation, and the Come Back Alive foundation raised UAH 1.5 billion (almost $45.5 million) in donations.

The United24 online fundraising platform: how has the amount of donations changed?

Our fellow citizens donated the most money to United24 during the past six months, namely UAH 6.8 billion (more than $180 million). Of this amount, UAH 5,6 billion (more than $151 million), or 83%, were intended for the army. Donations peaked in July, amounting to over UAH 2.2 billion (almost $60 million). This was probably caused by the missile strike on the Amstor shopping mall in the city of Kremenchuk.

After the first massive missile strike on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure on October 10, the total weekly amount of donations increased by 36%. After a repeated attack a week later, support for the Ukrainian Defense Forces rose 2.8 times, reaching UAH 251 million (almost $6.8 million).

In August and September, Ukrainians donated around UAH 90 million (almost $2.5 million) a week or UAH 360 million (more than $9.8 million) a month.

Come Back Alive foundation: when donations swelled

Since February 24, the Come Back Alive charity foundation has collected a total of nearly UAH 5 billion (more than $136 million) on its accounts. Similarly to United24, the number and size of donations surged after massive attacks on the Ukrainian energy system, that is, in October.

In the period between October 10 and October 16, the people of Ukraine donated UAH 108 million (almost $3 billion) to the foundation, which is more than 1.5 times the amount recorded a week before the attack. The same situation occurred during the November missile attacks. Between November 14 and November 20, Ukrainians donated UAH 140 million (more than $3.8 million), more than twice as much as a week before.

The Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula: how bombings influenced donations

Since the full-scale Russian invasion, Serhiy Prytula’s charity foundation has managed to raise more than UAH 3 billion (around $82 million). After massive missile attacks, like in the two previously described cases, the donated amounts tripled.

Context. The "Youth Volunteering in Ukraine" study showed that after February 24, every third young person in Ukraine started donating or helping on the information front, while every second one started volunteering. At the same time, the volunteer effort is massive, motivated, and well-organized.

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