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Britain has trained more than 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers

Since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine in 2014, the United Kingdom has helped to train more than 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

The Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, disclosed the number in his speech on the country’s defense plans.

Quote"We’ve convened some 10 countries to help Ukrainians train here in the U.K. And today I can announce that our programs have now trained over 60,000 Ukrainian troops since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in 2014," said the secretary.

Britain is a leader in training the Ukrainian military. The country was the first to provide Ukraine with NLAW anti-tank missile systems, modern battle tanks, and long-range missiles.

Shapps also said that the United Kingdom would become the largest supplier of drones to the Ukrainian forces.

The Defense Secretary praised the bilateral security cooperation agreement between the U.K. and Ukraine, calling it a step towards deep partnership.

Quote"It formalizes our support in everything from intelligence sharing and cyber security to medical and military training. And it sees us taking the first giant step towards a century-long partnership," said Shapps.

The defense secretary added that 2024 must mark an inflexion point, and for Ukraine, this would be a year when the fate of their nation may be decided.

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