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Russia threatens Europe with a large-scale conflict over Ukraine in NATO

The Kremlin does not rule out a large-scale conflict in Europe because of the United States’ excessive "tutelage" of Ukraine. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clarified in an interview with Oslobodjenje, the Bosnia and Herzegovina outlet, the admission of Ukraine to NATO and the emergence of missiles on the country's territory may result in such consequences.

Quote"The course of drawing Kyiv into NATO with the prospect of the attack missile systems emerging near our borders creates unacceptable threats to the security of Russia," the Russian Minister stated.

Lavrov added that "first of all, it is necessary to reduce the degree of confrontation caused by the way American colleagues "patronize" their Ukrainian protégés."

Context. Recall: Russian President Vladimir Putin demands guarantees from the North Atlantic Alliance that it will refuse further expansion to the east, in particular, will not support Ukraine's joining the Alliance.

Earlier, Putin stated that if Ukraine became a NATO member, then the flight time of the missile from Kharkiv or Dnipropetrovsk to the central part of Russia, namely to Moscow, would decrease to 7-10 minutes. He noted that the expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia was of "practical importance" for the Kremlin, since many member countries of the Alliance had been able to deploy anti-missile launchers on their territories that could be used not only for defense purposes, and therefore created a danger for Russia.

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