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Putin: USA may provoke Ukraine’s attack on Crimea by supplying hypersonic weapons there

Между тем он добавил, что пока такого вооружения у США нет, а у России есть – российская гиперзвуковая крылатая ракета «Циркон».

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the intentions of the United States to deploy hypersonic weapons on the territory of Ukraine and thus encourage the Ukrainians to attack certain regions of the Russian Federation.

Quote"They (the USA—The Page) will supply hypersonic weapons to Ukraine, and then, under its cover, will arm and push extremists from a neighboring state against Russia, including against certain regions of Russia, for example, Crimea, with favorable, as they believe, circumstances for them," Putin said during a board meeting of the RF Ministry of Defense.

However, he added that so far the United States does not have such weapons, while Russia has the Russian hypersonic cruise missile Zircon.

Quote"Do they think we don’t see these threats, or do they think that we will look limply at the threats posed to Russia? This is the crux of the problem: we simply have nowhere to move on—that is the question," Putin said.

During his speech, he also stressed that the RF does not choose the path of bloodshed and military conflicts, but prefers solving problems by "political and diplomatic means."

Context. Last week, Putin's Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Russia had lost Ukraine as an ally and partner. However, he added that, in spite of everything, Russians and Ukrainians remain "fraternal peoples."

In recent months, the US and EU have regularly expressed concern about a Russian pulling in troops to the Ukrainian border and have warned Putin against another invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian intelligence expects a new Russian invasion of Ukraine in late January—early February. American colleagues confirm these predictions and call on Europe to develop a joint action plan to contain the Kremlin as soon as possible. At the same time, the RF assures that the dissemination of such data is a "hysteria", allegedly artificially whipped up by Washington.

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