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New Russian invasion of Ukraine. US considers providing Kyiv with additional weapons—CNN

Amid the spread of information about a potential new Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, Washington is considering sending additional weapons and military advisers to Ukraine. As CNN has found out, the US continues discussing the composition of the future assistance package.

This refers to the new Javelin anti-tank missile systems, mortars, and air defense systems. In addition, the Pentagon considers it necessary to transfer to Ukraine some of the equipment intended for a mission to Afghanistan (including Mi-17 aircraft).

However, not everyone in the White House is in favor of this idea. Some officials fear that the Kremlin will regard such actions on the part of the United States as a serious escalation of the conflict. In particular, Cedric Leighton, retired lieutenant colonel, pointed out that the Javelins "are quite effective against the T-80 tanks that the Russians are actually using against Ukraine right now." However, he added that any additional assistance to Kyiv would result in further exacerbation of tensions with Moscow. Some officials do not rule out that the Russian maneuvers are intended to wreak havoc or force the West to make concessions. They admit that the attack itself will not happen.

Additionally. The United States also continues to discuss the issue of imposing sanctions against Russia if it resorts to a new invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, lawmakers are trying to amend the National Defense Act for 2022. They stipulate that the invasion will force President Joe Biden to impose "significant sanctions" against the Kremlin officials, including Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The amendment also provides for imposing measures against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Context. Earlier this month, The Page reported that Russia was acting in the same way as in April of this year—it was pulling in troops and equipment to the Ukrainian borders.

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