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NATO must arm Ukraine to repel Russian invasion: Lithuanian Foreign Minister

Russia is "clearly" determined to make a new invasion of Ukrainian territory, so the North Atlantic Alliance must provide Ukraine with military assistance for protection. This is stated by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis in an interview with The Times. He adds that there is now enough evidence of the Kremlin's intentions.

Quote"We believe that Ukraine needs military assistance with defense weapons. We all feel the consequences of the current political situation, whether in Estonia or here, or in any country from Norway to Romania," he states.

The diplomat notes that Russia's goal "may not be just an attack, but a real change in the security situation in the entire region." According to Landsbergis, NATO should also study the issue of expanding its presence in Eastern Europe in response to Russia's aggressive actions and clearly formulate the consequences for the Russian Federation in the case of its invasion of Ukraine.

Context. The President of the RF Vladimir Putin demands guarantees from the North Atlantic Alliance that it will abandon further expansion to the east, in particular, will not support Ukraine's joining the Alliance.

Earlier this month, the Lithuanian authorities expressed their readiness to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.

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