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Next year Ukraine to host NATO exercises on cybersecurity for the first time—Stefanishyna

In early 2022, Kyiv will host NATO cyber security exercises for the first time. This was announced by Olha Stefanishyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, during an online briefing EU and NATO Annual Results, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Quote"We expect that an international NATO exercise on cybersecurity will be held in early 2022. They will be held in Ukraine, right in Kyiv... I am proud that for the first time Ukraine will become a country that will host all the countries of the Alliance, all the teams," Stefanishyna said.

She added that this is especially important in the context of the cyber threats that Ukraine now faces.

Additionally. Recently, the United States and Great Britain sent experts to Ukraine to prepare for a cyber attack by the Russian Federation. The British government Spokeswoman stated the assistance provided by Britain and its allies was defensive in nature.

US officials declined to describe the cyber teams sent to Ukraine, but noted that the United States was considering more deployments, including the resources of the US Cyber Command.

Context. On May 14, the NSDC adopted a cybersecurity development strategy for the next five years.

In February, Ukraine recorded attempts to distribute harmful documents through the executive authorities’ Electronic Interaction System.

On July 6, several government websites were shut down in a massive cyber attack. In particular, the websites of the Office of the President, the State Bureau of Investigations, the NABU, the SSU, and the Foreign Intelligence Service were out of order. The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, commenting on the incident, stated that there was a DNS Amplification type attack—an attack on servers that provide access to government websites.

The State Service of Special Communication reported that on July 13, it blocked cyberattacks on the websites of the Office of the President and the SSU. Unidentified hackers tried to make DDoS attacks on the resources, but the cyber defense forces of the department managed to repel the attack. Also in July, experts detected a false website of the President of Ukraine that hackers had created to steal documents and data.

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