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The United States has declared war on corruption in Ukraine: what awaits Ukrainian officials and their families

The United States has a lot of leverage to fight corruption, Erik Woodhouse noted. Photo: US Department of State

The United States has a lot of leverage to fight corruption, Erik Woodhouse noted. Photo: US Department of State

The United States prioritizes the fight against corruption and human rights abuses on a global scale. Ukraine is also included in the area of Washington's struggle against corruption.

This was stated by the Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of State Erik Woodhouse during a press conference Democracy in action: Zero corruption conference, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Mirror Weekly in English) reported.

According to the official, the US government has sufficient leverage to fight corruption. This includes both visible (public sanctions, anti-corruption programs, travel restrictions) and non-public methods.

The United States implements a large number of anti-corruption programs, including foreign aid and bilateral involvement. The United States, a Biden Memorandum on Establishing the Fight Against Corruption is in force.

Woodhouse noted that the anti-corruption program, supervised by the Department of the Treasury and the US Department of State, holds a specific place. It is this program that provides for a ban on entry and financial sanctions against corrupt officials.

"The imposition of this program has three objectives. First, we strive to interrupt and contain human rights violations and corruption abroad. Second, we want to oppose those who act with impunity. And third, we strive to promote, defend and apply international norms together with our partners and allies," the official stated.

The program, he added, does not consist of sanctions alone. This includes bilateral cooperation, diplomatic-assisted sanctions, foreign aid, and Section 7031 (c) travel restrictions.

Woodhouse recalled that at least one Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, was subject to section 7031 (c), in respect of whom the US Department of Justice is conducting several investigations at once. The same list includes the Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The official added that the US government recognizes the contribution of Ukrainian journalists in eradicating corruption in Ukraine. Washington consistently appreciates the work of journalists in Ukraine, their insights that allow the US government to see the situation on the ground and take certain measures.

Context. According to the results of 2020, Ukraine ranked 117th out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index, slightly improving its position. Its neighbors in the ranking are Nepal, Egypt, and Zambia.


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