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Liberating Irpin and fakes on "cruelty of Armed Forces of Ukraine": Highlights on war in Ukraine as of March 26-28

The 33rd day of the war against the Russian occupiers continues in Ukraine. The weekend and Monday were quite eventful for business, politics, and economics. The Page offers a digest that will help you to know the situation in Ukraine.


The major developments of these days are:

  • Ukrainian defenders liberated Irpin, Kyiv region. Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn announced this on Facebook.

According to him, on March 28, Ukrainian troops finally liberated Irpin, and now the city is being cleaned out. At the same time, it is still unsafe to return there: the defenders are gaining foothold on new frontiers.

  • Ukrainians were urged not to donate to the International Red Cross, which forbade placing their sign on humanitarian vehicles in Ukraine and was ready to open an office in Rostov-on-Don. At the same time, the Ukrainian Red Cross is not behind this and has no financial connection with the international organization. The Page spoke to the Ukrainian Red Cross and explained what was wrong with the International Red Cross.
  • The Russian fascist invaders occupied the city of Slavutych, where the power engineers of the Chernobyl NPP and their families live. There is enemy military equipment in the city, which endangers the life and health of all residents of the city, the SNRIU reported.


Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

  • After the failures near Kyiv, Putin is considering a "Korean" scenario for Ukraine, that is, a division into two competing states, one of which will be under the Russian Federation control. This opinion was expressed by Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

  • Anonymous "leaked" the order of the Acting Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Bulgakov on creating fakes about the "inhuman treatment to the captured invaders" by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense units.

The published document is another indirect evidence that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has disappeared. Also Russia is concerned that demoralized invaders are increasingly surrendering, and therefore it was ordered to "make and distribute a series of video materials demonstrating the inhuman behavior of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and nationalist formations."


  • The EU has expanded sanctions against the Russian Federation by means of the "50% rule", MP Halyna Yanchenko reported. Companies most of whose shares are owned by two or more persons sanctioned over Russia's aggression in Ukraine, even if none of them owns 50% of the shares, are most affected.
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

  • The G7 countries — the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan — have rejected Russia's demand to pay for gas in rubles. This was announced by the German Minister Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck, The Washington Post reports. The G7 called payments in rubles unacceptable and assured that they were ready for any scenario, including Russia's refusal to sell gas, Der Spiegel reports.
  • Internally displaced persons who left their homes over the war in Ukraine will be able to get monthly financial assistance from the Cabinet of Ministers. Children and persons with disabilities will be able to get 3,000 UAH, and everyone else —2,000 UAH.


Photo: facebook.com/auchan.ua

Photo: facebook.com/auchan.ua

  • The Auchan Ukraine company stated that, despite the fact that they are part of the international Auchan group, they have their own position — the position of Auchan Retail Ukraine. The Ukrainian office addressed the parent company with a request to actively influence in order to stop the war in Ukraine. We also described what companies stubbornly refuse to leave the Russian market. Ukrainians, meanwhile, are actively boycotting Auchan and calling for it on social networks because of their refusal to leave Moscowia.
  • During the month of the war, over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 3,973 retail facilities, or a third of the stores, were closed. For two years in a row, retail has been in the top 5 most profitable sectors of the Ukrainian economy. In total, retailers earned more than 430 billion UAH per annum. But after the outbreak of the invasion on February 24, everything changed dramatically.
  • One of the leading Chinese auto brands — Geely — began to assess the brand's reputational risks over the work in Russia. The company no longer believes that Chinese automakers will be able to achieve great success in Moscowia even after the withdrawal of numerous competitors, according to the Financial Times.


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