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Medvedev comments on Russia's readiness to use nuclear weapons

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons in several cases, but negotiations remain "the best and the healthiest way."

He recalled that Russia may use nuclear weapons in four cases (this is stated in the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, signed in 2020):

  • missile attack using nuclear weapons on the country;
  • other use of nuclear weapons against Russia;
  • encroachment on critical infrastructure, after which the functioning of the Russian nuclear deterrence forces will be paralyzed;
  • threat to the existence of Russia even without the use of nuclear weapons against the country.

Note by The Page. As many experts note, the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine poses a real threat to the existence of the current Russian Federation itself. Therefore, "legally" the authorities of the aggressor country can justify their use of nuclear weapons in the current situation.

"Obviously, our assumption is that negotiations, diplomatic efforts in the most difficult situations, such as the one that is now developing, for example, around Ukraine, is the best and the healthiest way. Another thing is that negotiations do not always succeed, but this is the path to be followed," Medvedev said.

Recall that on February 28, Putin transferred the Russian strategic deterrence forces, which include nuclear weapons, to a special mode of combat duty.

Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that such weapons would be used only "in case of a threat to the country's existence."

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