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"Pathetic Dimon" warns China: You are the next target for the US

Over the past 30 years, the US authorities have set themselves the task of destroying Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, is convinced. In his opinion, if the United States succeeded, then their next goal would be "the total weakening of China," Medvedev wrote on March 23 on his Telegram channel.

Recall that this figure replaced Putin as president of the Russian Federation for several years, and at that time he was often called "Pathetic" and "Dimon" in social networks.

Medvedev argues that the U.S. considers Russia an "enemy" and wants to "humiliate, limit, undermine, split and destroy it" without thinking about the consequences. According to him, the "real prospect" of the U.S. strategy would be the formation of five or six new countries at the place of Russia, "where each such country has its own strategic weapon", and "freaks, fanatics, and radicals" are in power.

"And then the next goal is the total weakening of China. And then there are only a couple of steps left before a severe global crisis, energy and food collapse, the failure of all collective security systems and, soon, a Big nuclear explosion, opening the way to a new universal singularity — to the Underworld," Medvedev wrote.

He promised that Russia "will never allow such a scenario." Russia "wants to see the United States as a strong and intelligent country, and not the last refuge of those who are gradually falling into senile imbecility."

Note that in the course of his reasoning Medvedev traditionally twists facts. For example, he accused the United States of unleashing the war in Korea in 1950-1953, although North Korea started the war with the support of "volunteers" from China and the USSR.


Photo: Dimon: uzabook — LiveJournal

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