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Putin's friends win elections in Hungary and Serbia

The current Prime Minister of Hungary, 58-year-old Viktor Orban, stated that his Fidesz party had won the April 3 parliamentary elections. After processing about 86% of the ballots, the ruling Fidesz — Christian Democratic People's Party is in the lead with 53.71% of the vote and can count on 135 out of 199 seats. Opposition leader Peter Marqui-Zai has already conceded defeat.

"We have won!" Orban said, speaking to his supporters. He also criticized Brussels and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, calling them opponents.

The ruling bloc retains a constitutional majority. A coalition of several opposition parties so far gets 34.48% of the vote (56 seats). 6.31% (7 seats) voted for the nationalist association Our Motherland.

The Fidesz party has been in power for 12 years.

The voter turnout exceeded 63%.

In Serbia, the president and parliament were elected on April 3.

The incumbent president, 52-year-old Aleksandar Vučić, declared victory. The President stated that he would continue the policy of military neutrality without joining military alliances. Serbia will strive to maintain partnership and friendly relations with Russia and continue its path to the European Union. He guaranteed that Serbia would "never exclude Dostoevsky from the school curriculum" and "no one would exclude Tchaikovsky's operas".

After counting 18% of the votes, Vučić is gaining 66.15%, according to the data of the election commission. Exit polls give victory to Vučić with 59.8% of the vote.

The coalition Together We Can Do Everything wins the parliamentary elections. It is led by the ruling Serbian Progressive Party headed by Vučić. According to the latest data, more than 50% of electors voted for the coalition.

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