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The vaccine that Ukraine wants to buy has shown an effectiveness of 50.4% in Brazil

The Brazilian Institute of Butantan has clarified the data on the effectiveness of the vaccine against the coronavirus produced by Chinese company Sinovac. Its overall efficiency turned out to be around 50.4%, Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo reports.

Previously it was reported about 78% effectiveness. But this data took into account only COVID-19 patients in mild, moderate, and severe forms. If also to take into account the very mild cases that did not show symptoms and did not need medical attention, then the effectiveness is 28 percentage points lower.

The data on the vaccine effectiveness has been passed on to the national regulator to make a decision whether to register it in Brazil.

The Chinese vaccine was tested in Brazil on 13,060 volunteers. All of them are over 18 years old.

Additionally. Ukraine has already ordered the Sinovac vaccine. The Ministry of Health Maksym Stepanov said that its purchase will take place only if clinical trials in Brazil show an efficiency of at least 70%.

Indonesia stated that the Sinovac vaccine is 65% effective, but only 1,620 people were tested.

In Turkey, the same vaccine was 91.25% effective in tests involving 3,400 people.

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