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Forbes magazine has updated the rating of Ukrainian billionaires

Ukrainian billionaires have become richer, according to a new rating compiled by Forbes magazine. An estimate of the financial condition of Rinat Akhmetov, the richest of them, has increased from $2.8 billion to $7.6 billion. He is ranked 330th in the Forbes global ranking of billionaires.

There are seven representatives of Ukraine in the global list.

  1. Rinat Akhmetov (Metinvest, DTEK, PUMB)—$ 7.6 billion.
  2. Victor Pinchuk (Interpipe)—$ 2.5 billion.
  3. Konstiantyn Zhevago (Ferrexpo, Arterium)—$2.1 billion.
  4. Ihor Kolomoisky (oil and gas assets, metallurgy, Dniproazot)—$1.8 billion.
  5. Hennadiy Boholyubov (oil and gas assets)—$1.7 billion.
  6. Petro Poroshenko (Roshen, Ukrprominvest-Agro)—$1.6 billion.
  7. Vadim Novinsky (Metinvest, Enwell Energy)—$1.4 billion.

As noted by Forbes Ukraine, Yuriy Kosiuk has lost his place in the rating due to the decline in the market value of his key asset—Myronivsky Hliboproduct. At the same time, Vadim Novinsky has again become a billionaire.

Co-owners of Epicenter Oleksandr and Halyna Gerega, although they have a fortune of more than $1 billion, have not been included in the list, since according to Forbes rules, spouses can be present in it if their total fortune exceeds $2 billion.

Additionally. The eldest son of Rinat Akhmetov Damir bought a villa in the suburbs of Geneva for 60 million Swiss francs (2 billion UAH in equivalent) at the end of 2020.

For almost two weeks in March 2021, the hryvnia continued to strengthen against other currencies. Thus, from the 1st of March, the dollar fell by 2 kopecks, and the euro—by 67 kopecks.

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