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NBU is losing staff. A manager who had found a shortfall of 100 billion UAH in Privatbank left the regulator

Vitalii Vavryshchuk, Director of the Financial Stability Department, resigned from the National Bank. Photo: NBU

Vitalii Vavryshchuk, Director of the Financial Stability Department, resigned from the National Bank. Photo: NBU

One more name has been added to the list of resigned heads of the National Bank key departments. On September 16, Vitalii Vavryshchuk who worked there as Director of the Financial Stability Department left the NBU.

" It is with great regret that I am writing about this, but today is Vitalii Vavryshchuk’s last working day at the National Bank," Kateryna Rozhkova, First Deputy Governor of the National Bank, noted.

She added that since he had joined the NBU in 2015, Vavryshchuk managed to build and organize such a function as financial stability in the institution from scratch. Thanks to him and his team, the NBU began to conduct bank stress testing.

"Imagine how difficult it was to tell about the shortfall in Privatbank's capital in the amount of more than 100 billion UAH to its owners (Ihor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy BoholyubovThe Page)," Rozhkova noted.

Context. Vavryshchuk announced his decision to terminate his work at the National Bank at the end of June this year. At that time he noted that he had completely agreed with the words of Oleksander Bevz, the then Director of the Licensing Department. He, along with the entire team of the department heads (nine people), turned in their resignation.

"We truly love the NBU and want to work in it in the future. However, continuing our work at the National Bank is not yet possible. Centralizing decision-making in the hands of a single person, replacing collegiality with directive decision-making, in our opinion, is unacceptable in the work of the National Bank of Ukraine," Bevz explained at the time.

On July 11, Dmytro Solohub, the penultimate official from the team of the National Bank’s former Heads Valeria Gontareva and Yakiv Smolii, left the NBU. Solohub worked at the NBU since 2014, in 2015 he became a member of the Board and one of the Deputy Governors of the Ukrainian National Bank. Sergiy Nikolaychuk, a former Deputy Minister of Economy and Head of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the ICU group, replaced July 13.

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