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Ukraine entered the "yellow" zone: How the business will work and what are the exceptions for the vaccinated

Since September 23, Ukraine has moved into the "yellow" zone of the epidemic danger of the COVID-19 spread. In this regard, new quarantine restrictions came into effect in the country from 00:00 today. The Page figured out how the business would work under the new regulations, what fines for violations and privileges for the vaccinated would be.

"Yellow" quarantine zone in Ukraine: what regulations are applied

A "yellow" zone of epidemic danger is imposed in Ukraine if one of the following four criteria is present for seven consecutive days:

  • the number of recorded new cases of COVID-19 infection per 100,000 of the population over the past 14 days exceeds 75 people;
  • detection rate by PCR and express tests is over 4%;
  • the number of PCR and rapid tests within the last seven days per 100,000 population is less than 300 tests;
  • there are grounds for imposing a red level of epidemic danger on the territory of at least one region.

It may be added that a week before tightening the quarantine, according to the Ministry of Health, the number of confirmed new cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine increased by 68%, and hospitalizations—by 51%.

Bans in the "yellow" quarantine zone:

  • holding mass events with the participation of more than one person per four square meters of the area of the building or territory;
  • the occupancy of cinemas and halls of other cultural institutions for more than 50% of seats;
  • the occupancy of gyms and fitness centers should be no more than one person per 10 sq. meters and so on;
  • as for restaurants, no more than four people are allowed to sit at a table, the distance between tables is at least 1.5 meters;
  • at the same time, the kindergartens and school grades 1-4 will work full time, and school grades 5-12 and other educational institutions will work on special conditions. For instance, to work as usual, more than 80% of the educational institution staff must be vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine;
  • business establishments can also work if 80% of staff have at least one dose of the vaccine;
  • there are no restrictions on the work of the public transport and on the working hours of the establishments;
  • it is obligatory to observe the mask regime and physical distance of 1.5 meters, to leave places of self-isolation and observation without permission.

Relaxation of the regulations for business in the yellow zone

This time the quarantine is significantly different from the previous ones. The point is that the restrictions will not apply to the collectives of those who have a document on vaccination (recall that there are "yellow" and "green" certificates that are issued for one vaccination and full vaccination, respectively. For the "yellow" level, one vaccination is enough), absence of coronavirus or previous illness. At the same time, this also applies to visitors—if an unvaccinated visitor comes to a cinema, theater, museum, gym, swimming pool, or some event, then the regulations and restrictions for the "yellow" level of epidemiological danger come into force.

Also, temporarily, for visiting institutions or events without restrictions, it is allowed to have a negative result of PCR testing or rapid antigen testing valid for 72 hours.

Quote"The final decision on whether to provide services only to the vaccinated, or adhere to all quarantine restrictions, rests with the business owner," the Ministry of Health notes.

Ukraine in the "yellow" zone: What are the fines for violating quarantine and forging certificates

Fines for quarantine violations:

  • for staying in public buildings, structures, and public transport during the quarantine period without wearing personal protective equipment, including respirators or protective masks that cover the nose and mouth, as well as of personal fabrication, a fine from ten to fifteen tax-free minimum incomes of citizens is provided (170-255 UAH);
  • entrepreneurs can also get a fine for admitting a person to an institution without warning about the need to wear a mask. In addition, ignoring a person without protective equipment can lead to a fine of 3,400 to 5,100 UAH;
  • at the same time, from September 23, the police will begin to check and prosecute capital institutions for violating the quarantine, Oleg Ruban, the Head of the Kyiv State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, stated.

It is also worth mentioning the liability for forging documents on vaccination, including against COVID-19, that was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers the day before.

This refers to the fines and criminal liability:

  • 17,000—34,000 UAH or restriction of freedom for up to two years for using deliberately forged documents confirming the provision of preventive vaccinations against especially dangerous infectious diseases;
  • 34,000—68,000 UAH or imprisonment for up to two years with the deprivation of the right to hold positions or engage in certain activities from one to three years for entering deliberately false data by a health worker in medical records;
  • 85,000—70,000 UAH or imprisonment up to three years for the production of forged documents with intent to sell them.
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