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Fines up to 170,000 UAH and imprisonment: Cabinet proposed to impose liability for forging a vaccination certificate

At a meeting on September 22, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft law that imposes criminal liability and fines for forging vaccination documents, including against COVID-19.

The corresponding document provides for such liability:

  • 17,000—34,000 UAH or restriction of freedom for up to two years for using deliberately forged documents confirming the provision of preventive vaccinations against especially dangerous infectious diseases;
  • 34,000—68,000 UAH or imprisonment for up to two years with the deprivation of the right to hold positions or engage in certain activities from one to three years for entering deliberately false data by a health worker in medical records;
  • 85,000—70,000 UAH or imprisonment up to three years for the production of forged documents with intent to sell them.

The explanatory note to the document reads that since the current version of the Criminal Code of Ukraine does not provide for criminal liability for forgery of documents on vaccinations, the draft law proposes to supplement it with an article establishing this kind of liability.

Context. Earlier, The Page reported that Polish border guards detained five Ukrainians on July 13 with fake vaccination certificates. These people tried to get to Poland through the border-crossing point Hrebenne.

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