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KSE predicts Ukraine's transition to the "yellow" zone from September 13

Ukraine in the yellow zone: KSE predicts stricter quarantine from September 13. Photo; UNIAN

Ukraine in the yellow zone: KSE predicts stricter quarantine from September 13. Photo; UNIAN

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) believes that Ukraine will leave the "green" epidemic safety zone and transit to the "yellow" one from September 13, 2021.

This was stated by Iurii Ganychenko, Head of the Health Economics Center at KSE, during an online briefing, UNIAN reports.

Quote"As we noted two weeks ago, it is expected that Ukraine will cleave the green level of epidemic danger during the first half of September. Most likely, the country will leave it and transit to the yellow zone from next Monday [September 13—ed. note The Page]. Again, this is according to the Ministry of Health comments, and this is quite consistent because we see the course of events," he stated.

According to Ganychenko, the scenario that is being implemented in the Q3 is close to the "yellow" one. He explained that in most regions of Ukraine the situation is worsening, namely, the level of control over the spread of coronavirus is decreasing, the rate of recording new cases is growing, and this rate goes beyond the recommended figures of the World Health Organization. Considering that the norm is 5%, in the Chernivtsi region, for example, it is 11%.

"The KSE’s green scenario failed to materialize, since we are not already talking about 54,000 deaths before the end of this quarter anymore—that is, until the end of September. Because, as of today, there are already more than 54,000 deaths... The quarter will end close to the yellow scenario, but will not reach its level. We expect Q3 to end with figures that are less than 58,000 deaths," he concluded, adding that now the increase in the number of cases is a predictable phenomenon and has no changes because of the Delta strain of the coronavirus.

Context. On the eve it became known that the Ministry of Health would transfer all regions of Ukraine to the "yellow" zone of epidemic danger and had already submitted a corresponding request to the Cabinet of Ministers.

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