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Attack on Lviv, trial of Medvedchuk, and business revitalization: Top news on war in Ukraine as of April 16-18

War in Ukraine: Top news as of April 16-18. Photo: Collage by The Page

War in Ukraine: Top news as of April 16-18. Photo: Collage by The Page

The 54th day of the war against the Russian invaders continues in Ukraine. The Page has compiled business, political, and economic news that will help you learn more about the situation in a country that has been fighting for its right to exist for more than a month.

The major developments of the day are:

  • On April 16, the Lychakivskyi District Court of Lviv put the odious politician, leader of the Opposition Platform for Life and Putin’s crony Viktor Medvedchuk under arrest without the right to bail. Subsequently, he addressed Putin and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a request to exchange him for the inhabitants and defenders of Mariupol.
  • Ukraine has completed and submitted the first part of the questionnaire on accession to the European Union to the European Commission for consideration. The second part will be ready as soon as possible.
  • On April 18, the invaders delivered missile strikes against Lviv. As a result of the attack, seven people were killed and 11 injured, Maksym Kozytskyi, Chairperson of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, reported. Kozytskyi also said that fires started at two sites in the city as a result of the missile strikes, but they have already been extinguished. Rescuers are sifting through debris. Both sites are completely destroyed.


  • Passenger traffic from the EU countries and Moldova to enter Ukraine on April 16 exceeded the stream to exit for the first time since the war had started, the State Border Service reports. The day before, this was first recorded on the Polish-Ukrainian border.
  • The amount of charitable assistance obtained for Ukraine from citizens and corporations from different parts of the world has reached almost $924 million, and the funds continue to come in, the press service of the Office of the President reported. The money is sent mainly to the accounts of the UN structures and international humanitarian organizations. Most of the funds were obtained from philanthropists from the UK (47%), the Netherlands (almost 18%), the Czech Republic (11%), and the USA (almost 8%).
  • The casualties of Ukrainian troops in the war with Russia are estimated by Ukrainian officials at 2,500-3,000 dead, Zelenskyy said in an interview with CNN. The government estimates that about 10,000 more soldiers were wounded, but it is not known how many of them will survive. It is even more difficult, he said, to estimate the number of massacred civilians.

  • The Bulgarian authorities, as part of the EU sanctions, have imposed a ban on ships from Russia entering their ports, the Associated Press reports. The Bulgarian authorities will make an exception for ships in distress or those in need of humanitarian assistance, as well as ships carrying energy products, food, and medicine to the EU. Italy has already made a similar decision.


  • The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the special obligations to provide electricity to the population until October 31, 2022. The current model expires on April 30 this year. Therefore, the cost of electricity for household consumers with a consumption volume of up to 250 kWh inclusive is 1.44 UAH/kWh (including VAT), and for consumers with a large volume — 1.68 UAH/kWh.
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced launching a state program for constructing housing for those who lost it as a result of the occupation, as well as for the military, law enforcement officers, teachers, and other public sector workers.


  • The state postal enterprise Ukrposhta plans to issue another edition of the stamps "Russian warship, go..." and branded T-shirts with a similar image, Ihor Smilyanskyi, General director of Ukrposhta, reported. At the same time, he recalled that in the first four days after the release, half of the new stamp edition of 1 million copies had already been sold.
  • Over the past weeks, 25% of small and medium-sized businesses have increased their workload, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated. In addition, the business has improved its turnover expectations by 10-20% compared to the beginning of April. According to the Prime Minister, the losses that entrepreneurs have already suffered are enormous, but tax cuts, loans at 0%, and improved logistics routes will contribute to recovery.
  • The service Liki24.com has resumed the delivery of 15,700 medications almost throughout Ukraine. According to the service press release, Liki24.com has created a logistics center in Khmelnytskyi and arranged delivery throughout the country. Delivery will be available to residents of many settlements where pharmacies do not yet work. Orders are dispatched on the same or next day, delivery time depends on the postal operator. Also, one can get humanitarian aid from Europe through the service: painkillers, antiseptics, medicines for the gastrointestinal tract, vitamins, and hygiene items for women and children.


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