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EU excludes Ukraine from "green list" for travel

The European Union has excluded Ukraine from the list of countries it is recommended to gradually lift travel restrictions for. This is reported on the website of the EU Council.

While the EU recommends that non-compulsory travel from certain countries be subject to time restrictions, this does not prevent member states from lifting travel restrictions for the fully vaccinated travelers. Note that usually EU countries listen to the EU Council recommendations and impose restrictions on entry for residents of the countries that are not on the list and tourist travel for them.

18 countries remain on the EU "green list". Brussels revises the list every two weeks, and makes changes to it depending on the situation with coronavirus in each country.

Context. Earlier, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that there would be no total closure of the borders of the European Union.

On October 29, during the next revision of the list of "green" countries, the EU retained Ukraine in it.

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