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Strike with Tochka-U missiles on Kramatorsk. How Russians lied three times, trying to write off massacre on AFU

On April 8, 2022, at about 10:30 a.m., two Russian 9M79-1 missiles from Tochka-U struck on the city of Kramatorsk. The station was hit, where 59 people died at the scene and from their wounds, including five children.

Damage agents covered the temporary waiting room, where hundreds of people (escaping from Moscow's invasion of the region) were waiting for evacuation trains.

109 people were seriously injured — all the surgical teams of Kramatorsk were working simultaneously, doctors had to be involved from neighboring cities, many amputations were performed, and some victims are still in serious condition.

A large-scale information campaign to whitewash the aggressor immediately started — just like in Bucha the Ukrainians tied themselves up and shot each other in the head, Kramatorsk was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian propagandists massively began to wear down keyboards with their fingers, typing that Tochka-Us are not in service with Russian troops, that this is a provocation, and the number from the wreckage of the 9M79-1 missile allegedly matches the numbers on the engines that hammered the cities in the territory not controlled by us.

Why was the railway station in Kramatorsk shelled by the Russian Federation? Plain, short, and clear. Without propaganda and hysteria — just facts.

Series of bombings on railway stations

Trying to prevent the redeployment of the AFU forces from near Kyiv and Chernihiv, the enemy launched a series of attacks on the railway and the shunting consist.

Both before Kramatorsk and after it.

There were strikes on Pavlohrad. Barvinkove, Sloviansk, and Pokrovsk were attacked as well. Stations were blasted in Central and Eastern Ukraine — the directorate of Ukrzaliznytsia did not disclose the names, and we will not do this either.

But everyone to whom it concerns is aware of where it struck, what the damage was and what exactly was slashed. This is not a one-time promotion, but a multi-day ongoing campaign.

Judging by the fact that the Russian Federation is using rather obsolete Х-59s against the elevator near Mykolaiv, is working with anti-ship Bastions at targets in Odesa, they are beginning to run out of more modern missiles.

Why not Tochkas in this situation, when they need a victory after the defeat near Kyiv no matter what?

Paired launch on Kramatorsk

Two missiles appear in the Ukrzaliznytsia reports. This means that the target was considered so important that the delivery vehicles had to not only cover hectares with damage agents, but also had to be duplicated.

Launching two missiles at once, which crossed the threshold of the warranty period quite a long time ago, in the afternoon in dense buildings, for provocation, is crazy.

They could not only miss the station, but go off course and create a bloodbath in the city with many hundreds of dead.

To assume that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, protecting their children and women in the same Kramatorsk, can take such risks is the same as accusing us of cannibalism. An order for this would never have been given — even the center of Donetsk was not targeted even once.

Using Tochkas in Belarus and Syria

Tochkas were actively covered in the media during the drills Allied Resolve 2022 and during the operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Idlib. There are enough proofs and some to spare. The Tochka launchers with the tactical signs V were spotted on the territory of Belarus.

QuoteHow do you know that a Russian propagandist is lying? They open their mouths about "not in service."

Moreover, for example, the 47th missile brigade of the 8th army received the brigade set of Iskanders only on January 26th. Could the soldiers of the brigade, which itself was formed only in 2020, master complex rocketry in less than a month? Rhetorical question.

Nonsense with numbers

With regards to similar numbers — 9M79-1 missiles are produced at only one plant in the world — Votkinsk Machine Building one. All of them had long completed the terms of 10 years and had to undergo maintenance at this plant — Ukraine mastered the re-equipment of a solid-propellant engine and overhaul only shortly before the invasion.

So the Russians do not need to procreate photos of similar serial numbers (which, by the way, are cross-cutting and do not say anything about the batch, but only about a specific product with a multi-month production cycle) and continue to report strange things.

It is enough for them to show the documents that remained in Moscow — how a missile with such and such a number on board was handed over to such and such a recipient in the brigade, date and signature. And as a field team of the Russian JSC SPC Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering carried out maintenance in Ukraine, and the customer has no complaints.

After all, this is not a cat sneezed, but operational-tactical missiles. Such things are not handed over for a bottle of moonshine and for no more than a "thank you".

In the meantime, Russians carry similar numbers in their mouths and prefer not to notice that their missiles in Syria and ours in the so-called DPR differ by two dozen numbers. What do they think this should mean? Did we provide fire support to Assad?

Summary. The Russians lied about:

  • "they are not in service";
  • "they were not applied";
  • "similar numbers, mean something" other than counting through.

The Russians are actively using anti-ship and fairly obsolete air-launched missiles against targets in Mykolaiv and Odesa.

Paired launch with Tochkas on Kramatorsk in the afternoon. Wells with numbers, although Moscow has delivery notes on hand.

The RF are killers of children and civilians with cluster missiles. The killers who were punched in their teeth by Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy and now are doing their favorite things since the times of Georgia and Syria — striking cities with indiscriminate weapons.

The policy of a huge country of 140 million is built entirely on lies.

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