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Kirill Danilchenko

Kirill Danilchenko

military columnist for The Page

Helicopters for Ukraine: What Kyiv received from the West in 2022

There’s a popular belief in Ukraine that our partners provide us with certain types of equipment. especially aviation, despite apparent reluctance.

700 kilometers into enemy territory: why explosions on Russian airfields are a brilliant special operation

On December 5, the enemy fired more than 70 missiles at Ukraine, including both old Soviet-made supersonic Kh-22 missiles (with less-than-a-mile precision) and newer ones.

Aid from Germany: how new missiles, radars, and armored vehicles will help Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Germany is continuing its efforts to provide military aid for Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. The government reported that two new packages are to be sent to Kyiv.

Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar: why Iran isn’t afraid to sell missiles to Russia for fighting against Ukraine

On October 16, The Washington Post, citing U.S. intelligence, published information that Iran had agreed to give Russia Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar ballistic missiles. Although the country has repeatedly denied helping Russia in its war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has already downed numerous Iranian-made Shahed-136, Shahed-131, and Mohajer-6 drones. What does Iran need it for?

The second exodus of Russians in a year. What Russia loses and why it’s good for Ukraine

It turns out that the Russians dreamed of repeating after their grandfathers and being proud of their powerful motherland while staying on their sofas. Once mobilization was announced in Russia, tens of thousands of people suddenly found they had urgent business in Finland, Norway, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

Prisoners in the Russian army: the Kremlin hits rock bottom by sending murderers and rapists to fight in Ukraine

Russia’s "special operation" is still going "according to plan": first, they’ve sent the Machine Gun Artillery Division from Iturup Island, actually the personnel of the Kuril fortified district, to the frontline. This garrison has never been involved in any conflict before, be it Afghanistan, Chechnya, or Syria.

The Antonivskyi Bridge left the chat: why crossings over the Dnipro won’t save the invaders?

In the evening of July 26, the Armed Forces of Ukraine once more sent warm greetings to the Antonivskyi Bridge. The "unparalleled" Pantsir and S-400 multi-layer air defense systems couldn’t overcome the curvature of the earth, and the roadbed received 17 hits.

Old men in fighter jets and "DPR" helmets: is Russia able to carry out a quick mobilization?

Is Russia capable of quick mass mobilization, given the tremendous losses the invaders have already suffered? Should Ukraine be alarmed?