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Military aid, Nord Stream 2. and the fight against corruption: Zelenskyy-Biden meeting results

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and US President Joe Biden held talks in Washington on September 1. During the meeting, Biden assured that the United States would continue to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as help in ensuring the country's security.

The meeting of the Presidents lasted two hours. Following the results of the summit, a joint statement by Zelenskyy and Biden appeared on the White House website. However, during the talks, the Presidents refused to talk to the journalists, and there was also no joint press conference.

Crimea and Donbas

The statement emphasizes that the United States supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and is ready, together with Kyiv, to continue the struggle to hold Russia accountable for aggression against a sovereign state.

Quote"The United States does not and will never recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea and reaffirms its commitment to international efforts to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine initiated by Russia," the document says.

Military aid

The United States and Ukraine are at the final stage of negotiations on strategic cooperation that includes not only countering Russian aggression, but also joint actions in the defense field. In particular, this refers to reforming the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, enhancing cooperation in ensuring security in the Black Sea, cyber security, and exchanging intelligence.

The White House also supports Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO, but they believe that the country should make such a decision on its own.

The United States is ready to provide Kyiv with a new $60 million military aid package, Javelin anti-tank systems and other equipment are on the list of supplies as well.

The parties also agreed to complete working on a bilateral agreement on joint work in the military-technical field in order to assist in the rearmament of the Ukrainian army.

The agreement on assistance to Kyiv in the disposal of strategic nuclear weapons for another seven years will also be extended.

Economy and Nord Stream 2

The United States supported the initiative of establishing a special prosecutor in the country responsible for the fight against corruption and adopting laws providing protection to the leadership and employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

The Presidents also stated they view the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline as a threat to Europe's energy security.

The United States will also continue to make legislative and diplomatic efforts to preserve Ukraine's role as a transit state and prevent Russia's attempts to use energy supplies as a geopolitical weapon.

In particular, the United States confirmed its readiness to continue providing economic assistance to Ukraine and assured that assistance would also be provided in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Assistance with vaccines

The United States has already given 2.2 million doses of vaccines to the Kyiv authorities, the total assistance in this area is estimated at $55 million. In the near future, Washington intends to supply additional materials and drugs to combat the epidemic in the amount of $12.8 million.

Statements after the meeting

After the meeting, Zelenskyy commented on Twitter on the meeting with Biden.

Quote"At the meeting with Joe Biden, the security issues were the priority. In particular, security in Donbas, in the occupied Crimea, in the Black Sea and Azov regions, and the energy security of Ukraine and Europe," the Head of State wrote.

Subsequently, Biden also made a statement on the meeting with the Ukrainian leader.

"During President Zelenskiy’s visit today, I reaffirmed US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression, our close cooperation on energy security and shared democratic values," Biden said.

Also, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken thanked Ukraine for its assistance in evacuating people from risk groups in Afghanistan.

"The US-Ukraine partnership is stronger than ever, and we want a better and prosperous future for Ukraine," he said.

Zelenskyy about meeting with Biden

A few hours after meeting with Biden, Zelenskyy gave a media briefing. The President noted that he and Biden had a "man-to-man talk." He also noted that the meeting was normal and productive "in a not always sunny atmosphere."

He also said that he had proposed to Biden the formats for involving the United States in the settlement in Donbas at the presidential level and added that the United States would consider these proposals.

Also, the United States guaranteed the imposition of sanctions against the gas pipeline if it violated the rights of Ukraine.

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