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Verkhovna Rada holds plenary session: Most important decisions made

Photo: Oleksiy Honcharenko

Photo: Oleksiy Honcharenko

Today, March 24, the Verkhovna Rada held a plenary session that was attended by speakers of the parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Before the session, they symbolically unfurled the Ukrainian flag.

The most important laws and decrees passed on March 24:

  • adjustment of the provisions on the personal income taxation on personally grown agricultural products, value-added tax exemption for the single tax payers of the third group on special conditions, an increase from three to six months of the period during which taxpayers who could not file tax reports must fulfill this obligation at the end of the special period;
  • introducing amendments to the pension legislation that expand the possibilities of receiving pensions in case of a breadwinner’s death;
  • strengthening of liability for illegal interference in the work of information, electronic communication, etc. systems; special strengthening, if such interference caused damage to the infrastructure;
  • adjustment of the provision on release from liability of persons who voluntarily surrendered weapons and ammunition;
  • additional measures on ensuring the effective functioning of the Export Credit Agency;
  • introducing criminal liability for misuse of humanitarian aid in martial law;
  • extending rights of the heads of united territorial communities during martial law;
  • strengthening criminal liability for collaborationism, up to 12 years in prison;
  • introducing criminal liability for photo and video recording of movements of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

The lawmakers also appointed Mykola Solsky, Chairman of the Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, as Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. Former Minister Roman Leshchenko resigned last night. According to unofficial information, this happened after his conflict with Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko over the amount of funding for the agricultural sector.

Five lawmakers left the The Opposition Platform — For Life faction, one lawmaker left the Batkivshchyna faction ("Fatherland").

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